The Bcycle Team is all about making a difference. We ride together and push each other to our full potential. We will motivate you and challenge you to dig deeper and give more so we can celebrate our accomplishments together.


Courtney R.

Class: BTB/Core Cycle

My class is designed to challenge all riders and push them beyond their comfort zone. I love long rigorous climbs that gradually increase in both resistance and speed. Prepare yourself to remain motivated throughout my class with dynamic routines paired with a playlist that mixes in new beats and all-time classics!

I will take you on a sweat drenching adventure as you move to the music and test your inner strength for the ultimate workout.

Jenni D.

Class: BTB/Core Cycle

My ride is welcoming, dynamic and full of fun challenges that will get your heart pumping and body moving. For me, it’s all about progression. My class incorporates weights, push-ups, crunches, hills and hovers throughout a fun, rhythmic experience. I will have your endorphins running wild as we rock out to Hip Hop, Techno and 80’s/90’s hits.

Change of pace drives progression. My class will keep your mind and body guessing what’s next!

Ali K.

My class is fun, full of energy and the perfect workout for riders of all levels. I love to mix in fast-pace pop music to a wide variety of exercises that range from weights and resistance bands to jumps and sprints. Feel the energy as your body moves to the music. Expect to work hard, have fun, and walk away feeling accomplished.

You will soon discover your true cycling spirit and quickly find Bcycle as your happy place.


Genevieve B.

Prepare for a high-intensity ride focused on building strength and stamina. I bring something a little different to each routine, but you will always find that my high energy, passion for cycling and drive to motivate you remains constant. I want you to feel energized as we overcome heavy hills, fast sprints and quick jumps to my uplifting playlist leaving you feeling inspired and empowered.

Together, we ride!

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