Live Streaming, Virtual Classes Now Available!

IMPORTANT! We are now offering live, virtual classes that can be taken in the comfort of your own home! Lets fight COVID-19 together… stay safe and stay healthy!

Here’s how our live, virtual classes work…
Step 1. Book your class below or on the Mindbody app.
Step 2. 15 minutes before class starts, you will receive a private link with access to the live class. Open the link and ride!

Our fitness program is the perfect change of pace from your everyday workouts. Each class focuses on your entire body so whether its once a week or every day, all your muscle groups are guaranteed to be worked. Our high-energy instructors will motivate you to achieve more, showing you how fun going to the gym can really be! They trained with the best and have modified their workouts to include their favorite and most effective movements.

Classes are held in one of our 5,000 square foot athletic gyms, providing high ceilings, mirrors, club-grade sound systems and two inch foam mats that absorb the impact of every movement allowing you to push yourself like never before, feeling better than ever after each class. Its the perfect setting for these high-intensity workouts.

Arms & Abs, Core Kick & Core Crusher


Hard Core Kick with Heidi

Hard Core Kick is an upbeat, heart pumping workout that focuses on traditional kickboxing movements to strengthen your lower body, midsection and shoulders giving you the ultimate full body workout.

Pure Power

Pure Power is bag training like you’ve never seen before. It’s a cardio boxing class that incorporates a free-standing heavy bag and a well-designed music playlist that will get your feet moving and shoulders burning as you jab, hook, cross and uppercut to the beat of the music. This all-out bag class mixes in jumping jaxs, squats, abdominal work and other high repetition exercises keeping your heart rate elevated the entire class. Burn calories, build strength and get lean with the Pure Power full body workout. A great class for all fitness and skill levels.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a total body workout that will burn fat and build muscle through controlled, high repetition movements. Class routines are constantly changing keeping your mind and body guessing whats next. Each workout combines all the key elements of fitness from cardio to strength building and flexibility creating the ultimate circuit training. Classes incorporate free weights, TRX suspension system, resistance bands, jump ropes and more!

For more information on Boot Camp, call Burke’s at 781-592-3547

Personal Training

Our experienced personal trainers take the time to learn each client, understand their needs and goals and tailor proven workouts to maximize your results. We believe you don’t need heavy weights and big machines to have an tough and effective workout. With a foundation based on high resistance and high repetition movements, combined with routines using your body weight to strengthen and tone, you will gain muscle and lose fat safely and effectively. Come see why our personal trainers are some of the best around and what program is best for you!

For more information on Personal Training, call Burke’s at 781-592-3547

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