Daring Duck- Written by Tom Burke (Miss Jen’s Brother!)


Miss Jen’s brother has recently written his first children’s book!

Join Daring and her brave animal friends on a journey of discovery and adventure in this heartwarming children’s book. Follow Daring and her friends, Adventurous Ant, Brave Bunny and Curious Kitten, as they explore the forest and conquer new challenges together.

Through Daring’s inspiring story, children will learn the importance of perseverance, determination, and a positive attitude. They will be encouraged to embrace new experiences, take risks, and believe in themselves. With colorful illustrations and a delightful story, Daring Duck’ is the perfect book for children ages 4-9 who love animals, nature, adventure and friends.

Whether your child is learning to read or just loves a good story, Daring Duck is sure to capture their imagination and leave them feeling inspired. It’s a book that adults and children will enjoy reading together again and again.

Get Daring Duck today and give the child in your life the gift of courage, confidence, and adventure!

About the Author
Tom Burke’s inspiration for Daring Duck came from watching his own children, nieces and nephews as they faced the challenges of trying new things. Through these experiences, Tom realized the importance of nurturing confidence and resilience in young children as they explore the world around them.

Rooted in his core values of friendship, fun, optimism, trust, teamwork, authenticity, and kindness, Tom’s goal is to create children’s stories that captivate readers while also instilling important life lessons.

Tom and his wife, Katie, have two children, Tommy and Conor. Daring Duck is Tom’s first endevour into children’s literature, and he aspires to continue crafting engaging stories that positively impact the lives of young readers.


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