COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Maintaining a clean and safe gym has always been a top priority at Burke’s and it is our responsibility to do our share to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are excited to reopen our facility on June 10th and have implemented many health and safety measures in accordance with CDC and state guidance. We have also redesigned the facility to safely accommodate guests by running Gym 1 and Gym 2 separately. This means each gym will have its own entrance, exit and restrooms. Gym space can be booked using our reservation system with time slots staggered to ensure adequate cleaning and sanitizing of equipment and contact areas. Guests will be required to wait in the parking lot and will be called at the time of their reservation to enter the facility. This will eliminate any overlap between guests and create a clean environment for kids to have fun.

Phase 1
Currently Available

BTA, BKIDS and Bcycle: Classes and private lessons are being held virtually and are available on our website. On Demand subscriptions are also available for you to take classes and have access to other materials on your own time. As of May 26th, Burke’s launched drive in movie events.  Private drive in movies, drive in movie birthday parties are also available for booking.

Phase 2 
Start day Wednesday June 10th, 2020

All virtual classes, on demand content and drive in movies will continue to be available from phase 1. New On Demand content will continue to be available on website. Virtual classes will also continue for BTA and Bcycle/fitness
 All staff will be required to ware face masks.

BTA – Gym 1 and Gym 2 will be open for family rentals and private lessons. We have redesigned the facility so the two gyms will operate independently of each other. 

Click HERE to book your family rental

Click HERE to book a private lesson. 

Scheduling will be staggered between rentals and lessons to allow time for staff to clean the facility and equipment. 

Note: the Town of Swampscott has approved our business safety plan.

Phase 3 
No sooner than 3 weeks after Phase 2. 
Start date July 6th, 2020.

All virtual classes, on demand content and drive in movies will continue to be available from phase 1. New On Demand content will continue to be available on website. Virtual classes will also continue for BTA and Bcycle/Burke’s FITNESS.  New movie dates will become available for drive in movies and private drive in events will be available for booking.

Gym 1 and Gym 2 will continue to be used for family rentals and private lessons with same process and safety protocol as Phase 2. The facility design will be enhanced to accommodate additional activities, but we plan on scheduling these activities to minimize traffic and limit the number of people in each space at any given time.

BTA plans to offer small in person group classes, semi-private lessons, summer programs and tumbling clinics.

BCYCLE and Burke’s FITNESS will begin running small group classes with designated space that will allow for at least 6-10 feet of distance from all other participants. Instructors will be required to follow strict safety measures to ensure facility and equipment is cleaned and sterilized before and after each class. 

BKIDS – small group classes will be available for art & science as well as kids children programs.  Structured activities will take place in the BKIDS classroom and the BKIDS play space.

Phase 4 May 2021

All activities from phase 1, 2 & 3 will continue to run.  The facility will continue to be cleaned with sanitizing stations available throughout the space.  Class sizes may increase depending on State and CDC guidance.

BTA will start offering indoor birthday parties with limited guests per party.  Children’s events will also be available but with limited tickets available to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Safety Measures

  1. All Employees and students should remain six feet apart.
  2. Sanitizing stations are set up throughout the facility. Frequent use is encouraged with posters on walls as reminders.
  3. The waiting room is closed. Parents will not be allowed to watch classes. Exception- Grown up and Me and Toddler classes.
  4. Restrooms and high contact areas will be cleaned with disinfectants frequently.
  5. Staff is trained regarding social distancing, hygiene protocol and identifying signs of COVID-19 and will not enter the facility if showing indications of illness.
  6. We will not allow personal belongings in the facility. Lockers will not be available for use.
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